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Abstract #1224

A DTI Tractography Study of the Cingulum in Euthymic Bipolar I Disorder

Louise Emsell1, Alexander Leemans2, Camilla Langan1, Gareth Barker3, Wilhelm van der Putten1, Peter McCarthy1, Rachel Skinner1, Colm McDonald1, Dara M. Cannon1

1NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland; 2CUBRIC, Cardiff University, UK; 3Insitute of Psychiatry, London, UK

This preliminary analysis identified inter-hemispheric differences in FA of the cingulum bundle in control (n=19) and euthmyic bipolar I disorder subjects (n=15; Left > Right). However, mean of the median FA and ADC values did not differ between these groups in the left or right cingulum bundle. We employed steamline DTI tractography using ExploreDTI for this analysis. FA did correlate with age in the right cingulum consistent with the finding of previously published studies. Future plans include expanding the sample size and exploring more anatomically specific sub-regions of the cingulum bundle in bipolar disorder versus controls.