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Abstract #1302

Toward a Better Description of the Gray Matter Spinal Cord by Using Highly Resolved Diffusion-Weighted and Morphologic T2*-Weighted MRI.

Virginie Callot1, Guillaume Duhamel1, Alexandre Vignaud2, Patrick J. Cozzone1

1UMR 6612 CNRS, Universit de la Mditerrane, Centre de Rsonance Magntique Biologique et Mdicale (CRMBM), Marseille, France; 2Siemens Healthcare, Saint-Denis, France

The detection of SC abnormalities is nowadays based on MRI with conventional anatomic spin-echo or gradient-echo sequences. Diffusion MRI is additionally used to assess the structural integrity of the spinal cord. However the resolution usually achieved for diffusion-weighted images precludes differentiating with accuracy white matter and gray matter.