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Abstract #1321

1H-MRS and 18FDG PET: Metabolism in Head and Neck Cancers

Jacobus F.A. Jansen1, Heiko Schoder1, Nancy Lee1, Hilda E. Stambuk1, David G. Pfister1, Jatin P. Shah1, Jason A. Koutcher1, Amita Shukla-Dave1

1Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, USA

In the present study to better understand the metabolism in head and neck we attempted to assess whether there is a correlation between 1H-MRS and 18FDG PET data. 15 newly diagnosed head and neck cancer patients with metastatic nodes underwent both imaging techniques and were included in the analysis. A correlation analysis of Choline concentration estimates and 18FDG SUV PET uptake yielded a positive Pearson correlations coefficient of r=0.584 (p = 0.022). The results in the present study show a positive correlation between choline levels as assessed by 1H-MRS with glucose levels as indicated by 18FDG uptake. This observation is indicative of a correlation between glucose metabolism (18FDG) and an increased cellular proliferation (choline).