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Abstract #1339

Evaluation of Perforating Arteries Originating from the Posterior Communicating Artery at 7 Tesla MRI

Mandy M. Conijn1, Jeroen Hendrikse, Jaco J. Zwanenburg2, Taro Takahara, Mirjam I. Geerlings3, Willem P. Mali, Peter R. Luijten2

1Radiology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht; 3Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Center Utrecht

This is the first study to date that utilized the increased sensitivity of 7 Tesla MRI to study the anatomical variability of small, normally non-detectable, arteries in the brain. With angiography at 7T we could clearly visualize the deep perforating arteries branching from the posterior communicating artery (PCoA) without use of contrast agents. We found a high prevalence of visible perforating arteries branching from the PCoA, and an association between the diameter of the PCoA and the presence of a perforator. Furthermore, we found a significant correlation between the left sided and right sided anatomy of the posterior circulation.