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Abstract #1341

Is Flow Rate or Stroke Volume Better for the Assessment of CSF Flow in NPH?

Mario Forjaz Secca1,2

1Cefitec, Physics Department, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Monte de Caparica, Portugal; 2Ressonancia Magnetica - Caselas, Lisboa, Portugal

Two different parameters have been used in the assessment of abnormality in the flow of CSF at the Aqueduct for NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus): Stroke Volume and Flow rate, which can lead to contradictory results. Since both can be calculated easily from the same data, we evaluated which would be the best parameter to take into consideration. By analyzing the data from 580 patients and studying of the variation of both values with heart rate on volunteers we found that FR, leading to less abnormal cases and being less sensitive to heart rate, is a better parameter to evaluate NPH