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Abstract #1419

Exploring Analytic Models of the Diffusion MR Signal in Fixed Rat Brain Tissue

Eleftheria Panagiotaki1, Hubert M. J. Fonteijn1, Shahrum Nedjati-Gilani1, Matt G. Hall1, Daniel C. Alexander1

1Centre for Medical Image Computing, Computer Science, University College London, London, UK

In this work we devise a protocol to allow examination of parallel and perpendicular signals in rat brain white matter and use this protocol to compare three models of diffusion. The models are the diffusion tensor (DT), Behrens model (ball and stick) and Alexanders simplified version of CHARMED (cylinder model). We find that the cylinder model explains the perpendicular signal well; however the common assumption of free diffusion in the parallel direction to the fibres is not supported by the models we fit to our scan data.