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Abstract #1533

Measuring Absolute Arteriolar Cerebral Blood Volume (CBVa) in Human Brain Gray Matter (GM) Without Contrast Agent

Jun Hua1, Qin Qin1, James J. Pekar1, Peter CM van Zijl1

1Dept. of Radiology, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

Vascular-space-occupancy (VASO) MRI can measure relative cerebral blood volume (CBV) without contrast agents using non-selective inversion to null blood signal. When spatially selective inversion is employed to null only blood flowing into a slice, signal can be sensitized to arteriolar CBV (CBVa) if a condition can be achieved for which blood-nulling time and arterial transit time are comparable. We show that absolute CBVa can be determined by performing such a scan with and without blood nulling followed by intensity-normalized subtraction. Measured CBVa in human GM was 0.960.18ml/100ml (n=7), in agreement with literature estimates.