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Abstract #1608

High Resolution Auditory FMRI at 7 T

Wietske van der Zwaag1,2, Eleanora Fornari3, Philippe Maeder3, Rolf Gruetter4,5

1LIFMET, EPFL , Lausanne, VD, Switzerland; 2Radiology, UNIL, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland; 3Radiology, CHUV, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland; 4LIFMET, EPFL, Lausanne, VD, Switzerland; 5Radiology , UNIL, UNIG, Lausanne, Geneva, Switzerland

Auditory fMRI at ultra high field can be challenging because of the extended stray magnetic field. Here, we use an actively shielded head-only 7 T system and a gradient insert to allow good quality sound delivery to the subjects. Sparce fMRI data with a resolution of 1.5*1.5*2 mm was acquired during a word recognition task. Activation in the primary auditory cortex (planum temporalis, Superior temporal gyrus, Heshls gyrus) and voice and sentence processing was consistently found and was spatially constricted to the gray matter.