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Abstract #1646

Interhemispheric Functional Connectivity of Primary Motor Cortex Is Reduced During Continuous Performance of an Unilateral Hand Task

Michael Amann1, Jochen Gunther Hirsch1, Achim Gass1

1Neuroradiology/Neurology, University Hospital Basel, Basel, BS, Switzerland

We investigated the variability and reproducibility both of the functional connectivity itself in two different cognitive states and of different statistical analysis methods. Two subjects were examined both in resting state and during continuous movement of right hand. Connectivity strength between left and right primary motor cortex (M1) was calculated by the mean and maximum z-score in M1r. Also, the fraction of correlated voxels was calculated. Additionally, a voxel-based t-test was done between the two groups of fcMRI runs. We found a distinct loss in left-right M1 synchrony in both individuals with all statistical methods and connectivity measures under investigation.