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Abstract #1657

Resting-State Functional Connectivity of Primary Somatosensory Cortices in Urethane Anesthetized Rats

Juha-Pekka Niskanen1,2, Antti Markku Airaksinen1, Joanna Katariina Huttunen1, Olli Heikki Grhn1

1Department of Neurobiology, A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Kuopio, Kuopio, Finland; 2Department of Physics, University of Kuopio, Kuopio, Finland

A major concern in animal fMRI studies is the use of anesthesia. Urethane produces a long-lasting level of surgical anesthesia and preserves cardiorespiratory function along with intense skeletal muscle relaxation. We measured fMRI data from rats under urethane anesthesia during electrical forepaw stimulation and resting-state for evaluating the feasibility of urethane for resting-state fMRI experiments. Previous studies in rats have shown that there exists strong resting-state connectivity between somatosensory cortices under Domitor anesthesia. Our findings indicate that this bilateral coupling between hemispheres is also preserved under urethane anesthesia.