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Abstract #1674

Correspondence Between Resting State Networks and EEG-Correlated FMRI Maps

Rami Khalil Niazy1,2, Gaynor A. Smith1, C John Evans1, Richard G. Wise1

1Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK; 2Biomedical Physics Department, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The brain shows functional activity when it is at relative rest, which can be seen in both the haemodynamics (Functional MRI Resting State Networks-RSNs) and the electrophysiology (EEG oscillatory rhythms). We have extracted independent components from resting EEG data and demonstrated widespread correlations between their power time-courses and the BOLD FMRI signal, demonstrating a strong thalamo-cortical component. We illustrate how EEG-correlated FMRI maps, in all EEG frequency bands, show spatial similarities to combinations of FMRI-derived RSNs from the same data.