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Abstract #1728

The Nintendo Wii Remote as an MR-Compatible Interface to Cognitive Studies Using FMRI

Jerod Michael Rasmussen1,2, Karen Ayre Rasmussen3

1Pediatric Neuroimaging Research Consortium, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, USA; 2Dept. of Neurology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cinicinnati, OH, USA; 3Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

The Nintendo Wii remote controller was investigated to determine fMRI-compatibility inside of a Bruker 3T scanner. Time variant and time invariant statistics were used to quantify the impact on T2* weighted imaging. A comparison with and without the controller present showed little effect on the ability to capture Echo Planar Images. Using freely available software and inexpensive materials (less than US $80) the Wii remote can be easily implemented to provide a novel interface to human cognition safely and free of artifact.