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Abstract #1778

Quantitative Contrast-Enhanced Myocardial Perfusion MRI: Simulation of Bolus Dispersion in Constricted Vessels

Dirk Graafen1, Kerstin Mnnemann1, Stefan Weber1, Wolfgang Gnther Schreiber1

1Section of Medical Physics, Department of Radiology, Mainz University Medical School, Mainz, Germany

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics methodology dispersion of a contrast agent bolus was simulated in a straight vessel with different stenoses under steady state conditions. Two different perfusion conditions were examined under resting and stress condition. The dispersion in resting condition is more pronounced than under stress conditions. Therefore, resting myocardial blood flow may be more underestimated in quantitative myocardial perfusion studies than stress perfusion. In conclusion, a stenosis leads to underestimation of blood flow values, the amount depends in a complex way on their shape and degree.