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Abstract #1851

Deformation, Strain, and Pressure-Strain Elastic Modulus at the Supraceliac, Infrarenal, and Mid-Aneurysm Levels in the Aneurysmal Abdominal Aorta

Andrea Seba Les1, Janice J. Yeung2, Geoffrey M. Schultz2, Robert J. Herfkens3, Ronald L. Dalman2, Charles A. Taylor

1Bioengineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA; 2Department of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University; 3Radiology, Stanford University

We used a cardiac-gated cine FIESTA sequence to measure luminal deformation, circumferential Green-Lagrange strain (E&[theta]&[theta]) and pressure-strain elastic modulus (Ep) at the supraceliac (SC), infrarenal (IR), and mid-aneurysm (MA) locations in fourteen men with abdominal aortic aneurysm. E&[theta]&[theta] and Ep were statisically significantly different between the SC and MA (p<0.00001 and p<0.0005) and IR and MA locations (p<0.0005 and p<0.0005). The deformations (SC, 1.670.38 mm; IR, 1.150.29 mm; MA 0.880.25 mm) were statistically significantly different between all locations. The Ep at the MA location was similar to values obtained via ultrasound.