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Abstract #1950

3D Rigid Registration of MRI and HR-PQCT Trabecular Bone Images

Janet Blumenfeld1, Jenny Folkesson2, Galateia Kazakia2, Thomas M. Link2, Sharmila Majumdar1,2

1Bioengineering, UC-Berkeley/UC-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA; 2Radiology, UC-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA

High field MRI and High Resolution peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (HR-pQCT) are currently being used to assess trabecular bone structure in-vivo and non-invasively. There exist substantial differences in acquisition and analysis between these two modalities which may influence interpretation of research study results. Studies are being conducted to characterize and quantify these differences. Registration of MRI to HR-pQCT images ensures that the same region is analyzed in both modalities and improves the accuracy of trabecular bone structure comparisons.