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Abstract #1990

A Noval Algorithem for Eddy Current Effect Reduction in Dixon Method

Dongmei Wu1, yongming Dai2, kecheng Liu3

1Application, Siemens Mindit Magnetic Resonance Ltd., Shenzhen, GuangDong, China; 2MR Business, Siemens Ltd, China, Shanghai, China; 3Siemens Medical solution, U.S, Cleveland, OH, USA

For the time limit, "Bipolar" mode gradient used for three point dixon method on high field MR system will result in the k-space misalignment for the cause of eddy current. And the misalignment will bring addition phase in image space,which will contaminate the chemical-shift phase, and lead to the failure of fat water separation. This abstract adapt a novel methods which correct this kind k-space misalignment through dealing with the phase discrepancy in image space.