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Abstract #2031

Detection of Carcinoma in Situ of the Upper Urinary Tract on Dynamic-Enhanced MRI: Superficial Enhancement in Early-Enhanced Phase Images

Masahiro Jinzaki1, Eiji Kikuchi2, Akihiro Tanimoto1, Shigeo Okuda1, Hiroaki Sugiura1, Kozo Sato1, Sachio Kuribayashi1

1Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Keio Univeristy School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan; 2Department of urology, Keio Univeristy School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

The purpose of our study is to prospectively evaluate whether superficial enhancement of dynamic-enhanced MR is useful for the detection of CIS in the upper urinary tract. Dynamic-enhanced MR was performed on seven patients with positive urine cytology but no abnormal findings on cystoscopy and US. Superficial enhancement in early enhanced phase image was seen in six of seven patients, which were pathologically diagnosed as CIS in four and as chronic inflammation in two. Superficial enhancement of dynamic-enhanced MR shows promise in detecting and localizing CIS of the upper urinary tract, which to date, has been unable to be evaluated.