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Abstract #2065

Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Using SS EPI of Abdominal Organs at 3T: Comparison with 1.5T

Andrew Rosenkrantz1, Marcel Oei1, Hersh Chandarana1, Bachir Taouli1

1NYU Medical Center, New York, NY, USA

In this prospective study, we examined the reproducibility of ADC of abdominal organs between 1.5T and 3T. Three volunteers underwent DWI of the abdomen at both field strengths. There was no significant difference in ADC of the liver, kidney, pancreas, and spleen, although there was a trend toward lower liver ADC at 3T. Coefficient of variability of ADC between field strengths was moderate for all organs. DWI at 1.5T demonstrated less ghosting and significantly better subjective image quality scores. These findings were noted for two different sets of b-values. Given moderate CV, caution is warranted when ADC is compared between field strengths.