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Abstract #2087

Limitations of 3D T2 SPACE for Evaluation of the Female Pelvis at 3.0T

Elizabeth Hecht1, Silaja Yitta1, Ruth Lim1, Erin Fitzgerald1, Pippa Storey1, Kamil Banibaker1, Genevieve Bennett1

1New York University, New York, NY, USA

A 3D technique with high spatial resolution and multiplanar reconstruction is advantageous for imaging female anatomy and could reduce overall scan time, by eliminating multiple/repeat scans. A 3D T2 TSE sequence with RESTORE pulse and variable flip angle offers the promise of high resolution volumetric T2 imaging with low blurring and SAR which is useful at high field. However, there are pitfalls including increased susceptibility to B1 homogeneity and brightness of fat signal limiting fat/water distinction. The purpose of this study is to compare a 3D SPACE sequence with 3-plane 2D TSE for imaging of the female pelvis at 3T.