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Abstract #2112

Flexible Four Element Phased Array Coil for Supine Breast MRI

Peter Siegler1, Gilbert Thevathasan2, Cameron Piron2, Helen Marshall1, Patrick M. Devine1, Donald Bruce Plewes1

1Imaging Research, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2Sentinelle Medical Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dynamic contrast enhanced breast MRI shows a high sensitivity for breast cancer but is commonly done in a prone position which complicates its use for image-aided strategies. Recently, supine unilateral breast MRI with compensation for respiratory motion was successfully implemented. However, the first coil prototype was of a rigid design, which showed only moderate signal-to-noise (SNR) characteristics. Here, a flexible four-element receive coil was built with a fixation that allows a stable bending and rotation of the coil. This permits the changing the coil shape to match individual breast shapes substantially improving the SNR over the entire volume of interest.