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Abstract #2226

A Capillary Input Function for Pharmacokinetic Analysis of DCE-MRI Breast Cancer Curves

William Kieron Lloyd1, Thomas W. Redpath1, Trevor S. Ahearn1, Scott I. K. Semple2, Fiona J. Gilbert1

1Radiology, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, UK; 2Medical Physics, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Compartmental modelling is a common method of analysis of breast tumour that requires an estimation of the amount of contrast agent the compartment supplying the tumour. Current methods of estimating this input function do not take into account tumour heterogeneity. Using T2*-weighted images of the first pass of a contrast agent bolus through a tumour, we define localised capillary input functions (CIF). The CIF may be able to return more meaningful parameter values in the compartmental model, as variability in contrast agent delivery is a significant source of uncertainty in the method.