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Abstract #2293

Simultaneous Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of Four Mice with Induced Tumors on a 1.5 T Clinical Scanner

Stefan Fischer1, Stefan Weber1, Kerstin Mnnemann1, Florian M. Meise1, Jrgen Brieger2, Wolfgang G. Schreiber1

1Section of Medical Physics, Department of Diagnostic and Interverntional Radiology, Mainz University Medical School, Mainz, RLP, Germany; 2Department of Otolaryngology, Mainz University Medical School, Mainz, RLP, Germany

The aim of this project was to evaluate the feasibility of simultaneous imaging of tumor perfusion with multiple small animals on a 1.5 T clinical scanner. A homebuilt 4-channel receive array was used for this experiment. The examined small animals were nude mice bearing induced squamous cell carcinoma. The DCE-MRI delivered analyzable results. This was possible without sacrificing image quality in comparison to single animal imaging with highest possible resolution depending on gradient field strength.