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Abstract #2333

Registration of Complete 3D Histological Tumor Datasets with in Vivo MRI: First Experience

Flora Henning1, Robert Haase2, Sergey Tokalov1, Thomas Schulze3, Nasreddin Abolmaali1

1OncoRay - MI, Dresden, Germany; 2OncoRay - MP, Germany; 3Siemens Health Care Sector, Germany

After in vivo MR imaging of a human tumor (NSCLC, H1299) xenograft model in nude rats a 1.5 T clinical scanner tumors were excised and sliced completely. Staining of histological slices was done with hematoxiline & eosin. Histologic slices were digitized, co-registered and imported into DICOM environment. Fusion of complete 3D datasets of in vivo rat imaging and ex vivo histology was done using the Syngo software. The suggested technique may be applied to any MRI measurement technique; accordingly knowledge may be gathered on the reality of what we see in MRI.