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Abstract #2388

T2 Correction and Quantitation Method on Highly Resolved 2D Constant Time 1H Spectra in Human Brain Using 2D FT of Shared Time Domain Data

Hidehiro Watanabe1, Nobuhiro Takaya1, Fumiyuki Mitsumori1

1Environmental Chemistry Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

A T2 correction and quantitation method on CT-PRESS spectra using 2D FT of shared time domain data is proposed. Spectra with varied Tct are generated by reconstruction of several parts of the total time domain data. Then, T2 is calculated by curve-fitting of peak volumes on those spectra. Coil-loading factors were considered by the internal water reference method for quantitation. T2 of a Cr singlet calculated by this method was in good agreement with T2 by the conventional 1D method. After quantitation protocol, concentration of glutamate was calculated as 8.0 mM which is in good agreement with reported values.