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Abstract #2400

Proton Metabolite B1Corrected T1 Mapping in the Human Brain at 3 Tesla

Roman Fleysher1, Lazar Fleysher1, David Hess1, Brian Soher2, Songtao Liu1, Oded Gonen1

1NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY, USA; 2Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

The accuracy of quantitative metabolic assessment in 1H-MRS studies is limited by the unknown B1 distribution and T1. To address both we obtained B1-corrected T1 maps of NAA, Cho and Cr in gray and white matter regions of six volunteer at 3T. 3D 1H-MRS in a new three-point protocol that optimizes the precision of B1corrected T1 estimates was used. The T1s [meanSEM] were, NAA: 123321, Cr: 124018 and Cho: 111516 ms. Their histograms from voxels in the VOI in each subject are similar in peak position and shape by better than 4%, representing gratifying T1s reproducibility for each metabolite.