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Abstract #2403

Robust Phase Correction for 1D NMR Spectra: Application to Fully Automated Quantitation of Whole-Body Adiposity in Less Than 5 Seconds

Jeffrey Tsao1, Brittany Yerby1, Yun Jiang1

1Global Imaging Group, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Cambridge, MA, USA

Phase correction is a notoriously difficult problem in spectral quantitation, with many solutions being proposed over the years. Here, we discovered a remarkably simple yet robust metric that allows fully automated phase correction in 1D spectroscopy, even in the presence of poor line shapes. We demonstrate the application of this method in combination with a non-localized spin-echo sequence to achieve fully automated spectral quantitation of whole-body adiposity in mice in less than 5 seconds. Results are presented from over 150 measurements from a diet-induced mouse model of obesity.