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Abstract #2464

Evaluation of Lung Tumor Oxygenation Using FREDOM and TOLD

Jesus Pacheco-Torres1,2, Dawen Zhao2, Debu Saha2, Pilar Lopez-Larrubia3, Sebastian Cerdan3, Ralph P. Mason2

1Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas "Alberto Sols" - CSIC , Madrid, Spain; 2University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA; 3Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas "Alberto Sols" - CSIC, Madrid, Spain

We investigate in this work the relationship between two techniques currently used for assessing tumor oxygenation: TOLD and FREDOM. The former is based in the shortening of tissue water T1 due to dissolved molecular oxygen and thus directly applicable to the clinic. FREDOM is a 19F MR based approach that uses hexafluorobenzene as the reporter molecule and offers quantitative pO2 values. This is the first time that these two approaches are studied in the same cohort of animals bearing A549 lung tumors. A direct correlation between pO2 during hyperoxic gas breathing and TOLD response to oxygen challenge was found.