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Abstract #2481

Variation of the Overhauser Enhancement with Field-Cycling

David J. Lurie1, Keerthi Shet2, George L. Caia2, Eric Kesselring2, Sergey Petryakov2, Alexandre Samouilov2, Jay L. Zweier2

1Biomedical Physics, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; 2Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

Dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) enables detection and spectral characterization of paramagnetic substances, measured as a transfer of polarization from the unpaired electron to the nuclear spin. The polarization transfer leads to the Overhauser enhancement (OE). In field-cycled DNP the magnetic field is ramped down for electron excitation and ramped up for NMR detection. This study investigates the variation of OE with field-cycling. The OE decreased and the SNR of the DNP experiment increased as the NMR detection field was varied as 100 G, 200 G and 587 G and the electron irradiation field was maintained constant at 100 G.