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Abstract #2498

Assessement of Blood Volume Fraction Using MRI: Characterization in Silico of Possible Bias

Thomas Christen1,2, Nicolas Joudiou1,2, Nicolas Pannetier1,2, Sebastien Reyt1,2, Christoph Segebarth1,2, Chantal Rmy1,2, Emmanuel L. Barbier1,2

1Inserm, U836, Grenoble, F-38043, France; 2Universit Joseph Fourier, Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences, UMR-S836, Grenoble, France

MR seems to overestimates blood volume fraction (BVf) in healthy and tumoral tissues. The straight cylinder vessel modeling generally made in MR might be inadequate.This study shows that BVf estimates are not strongly influenced by either vessel shape or vessel curvature but are biased by preferential orientation of vessel or vessel density. MR estimates of BVf are overestimated by about 20% for normal intervessel distances. This systematic error on BVf estimate could be due to the interaction between the magnetic susceptibility gradients originating from neighbour cylinders.