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Abstract #2500

In-Vivo Brain Viscoelastic Anisotropic Properties Using DTI and MR-Elastography

Michael A. Green1, Lynne E. Bilston1, Elijah Van Houten2, Ralph Sinkus3

1Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Sydney, Australia; 2University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand; 3Laboratoire Ondes et Acoustique, ESPCI, Paris, France

This study presents the first measurements of anisotropic viscoelastic brain properties obtained with a combination of DTI and MR-Elastography techniques. DTI measurements were used to assign the local fibre direction axis for insertion into the inverse elasticity wave equation. The shear moduli fractional anisotropy values were calculated for grey and white matter in the cerebrum and cerebellum. Thus, comparisons are made between mechanical and diffusive fractional anisotropy in different brain regions of healthy subjects.