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Abstract #2533

Temperature Dependence of Relaxation Times in Individual Fatty Acid Components and Its Consideration for MR Thermometry of Adipose Tissues

Kagayaki Kuroda1,2, Makoto Obara1,3, Marc Van Cauteren4, Masatoshi Honda5, Yutaka Imai5

1Graduate School of General Science and Technology, Tokai University, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan; 2Medical Device Development Center, Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan; 3Medical Systems , Philips Electronics Japan, Tokyo, Japan; 4Medical Systems, Philips Electronics Japan, Tokyo, Japan; 5Department of Radiology, Tokai University, Isehara, Kanagawa, Japan

Temperature dependences of relaxation times in the individual fatty acid components in various samples in vitro were examined at 11T to provide a basis for quantitative temperature imaging of adipose tissues such as included in breast. T1 of both methylene chain and terminal methyl had linear relationships with temperature (r > 0.98), but the temperature coefficient for the two components differed significantly; those in five bovine fat samples were 11.6 0.42 ms/deg C for methylene and 31.2 3.92 ms/deg C for methyl. Numerical simulations based on the difference demonstrated that the inconsistency in the fatty acid component ratios for temperature calibration and estimation may cause considerable errors.