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Abstract #2535

Three Dimensional Targeting for Liver MRgFUS Based on Vessel Tree Tracking

Etsuko Kumamoto1, Yoshie Takao2, Daisuke Kokuryo3, Atsuya Okada4, Takamichi Murakami5, Toshiya Kaihara2, Kagayaki Kuroda6,7

1Information Science and Technology Center, Kobe University, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan; 2Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan; 3National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan; 4Iseikai Hospital, Osaka, Japan; 5School of Medicine, Kinki University, Osaka, Japan; 6Graduate School of General Science and Technology, Tokai University, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan; 7Institute of of Biomedical Research and Innovation, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

A three dimensional (3D) target tracking technique for MR-guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) of liver was proposed. This technique detects the through-plane motion and deformation of the tissue based on the 3D vessel tree structure and the along-plane displacements of the vessels in the saggital slices. Experiment with a healthy volunteer liver demonstrated that the vessel displacements through the sagittal plane reached 11.4mm indicating that the tissue motion and deformation in this direction is not negligible and hence such a three dimensional target tracking technique is necessary for a highly accuracy treatment of the moving organ.