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Abstract #2552

X-Ray Fused with Magnetic Resonance (XFM) Applied to Image-Guided Embolization of Venous Malformation in an XMR Suite

Dany Simard1, Sylvain Deschenes2, Josee Dubois2, Gilles Soulez1, Gilles Beaudoin1

1CHUM - Notre-Dame, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 2CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We developed and validated a method for registration, fusion and display of X-ray fused with MRI (XFM) for an XMR suite. The technique reaches sub-millimetre accuracy through an optimization using information found in DICOM header files and as little as 4 markers. To reach such precision, works from other groups require an optical tracking system or over 15 external multimodality markers. Our display interface can then project and overlay any MR volume onto fluoroscopy images during an intervention. A carotid phantom was used for validation and proof of concept was carried out during embolization of venous malformations.