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Abstract #2567

Comparative Evaluation of the Geometrical Accuracy of Intravascular MRI

Guillaume Gilbert1, Gilles Soulez1, Gilles Beaudoin1

1Department of Radiology, Centre Hospitalier de l'Universit de Montral, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In this abstract, the geometrical accuracy of intravascular MRI is evaluated in the context of vascular morphological measurements and compared with results obtained using intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and surface MRI. Measurements are performed on a multimodality vascular phantom and several bSSFP sequence parameters are investigated in order to assess their influence. Using IVUS as a gold standard, intravascular MRI is shown to lead to an increase in geometrical accuracy in comparison to surface MRI. It also appears that sequence parameters should be tailored to vessel size and procedural time constraints.