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Abstract #2573

Fast, Robust 3D Visualization and Automatic Slice Repositioning (Snap-To) for MR-Guided Interventions Using Active Device Profiling

Ashvin George1, Christina Saikus1, John Andrew Derbyshire1, Anthony Z. Faranesh1, Ozgur Kocaturk1, Robert J. Lederman1, Michael Guttman1, Elliot R. McVeigh2

1National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA; 2Johns Hopkins University, USA

In MR-guided interventional procedures it is important to be able to quickly and automatically re-position the imaging slices to contain the active device in order to safely guide the procedure. Manual repositioning of the slice is time-consuming and inaccurate. We present a method that computes a parameterization of the active device from sparse 2D projection images. The parameterization is used to calculate the slice position and improve visualization of the device. It can be used for a variety of active devices and the imaged slice(s) can be located at specific segments of the device.