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Abstract #2576

MR-Compatible Wireless Communication System for the Interventional Open High-Field MRI

Felix Victor Guettler1, Jens Christian Rump1, Ulf Teichgraeber1

1Radiology, Charite, Berlin, Germany

In a MRI-guided intervention, unobstructed communication between the medical personal and the interventionalist is crucial. A special hurdle to overcome is the high level of noise during image acquisition, which is caused by gradient coils during image acquisition. Therefore two speech activated Bluetooth headset prototypes were developed and analyzed in high-field MRI. MR-safety could be established according to ASTM. No loss of SNR of MR imaging was found. The manageability and practicability in interventional scenarios were verified in clinical tests. The herein presented communication system is a practicable and flexible alternative to existing solutions.