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Abstract #2598

Two Dimensional Spatial Selective Shinnar Le Roux Pulse Design for Arbitrary k-Space Trajectory

Yong Pang1, Gary Xiong Shen2, Xiaoliang Zhang1

1Radiology&Biomedical Imaging, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA; 2MRI lab, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

In this work, the Shinnar Le Roux method is extended to design two dimensional RF pulse on arbitrary k-space trajectory. The 2D filter coefficients are designed using McClellan transformation firstly; And then, the inverse gridding algorithm is applied to resample the 2D filter coefficients in Cartesian trajectory to arbitrary k-space trajectory needed; Finally, the SLR inverse transform is applied to convert these filter coefficients to a 2D RF pulse. Simulation results of a 90 excitation pulse design on spiral trajectory shows that the in-slice error, out-of-slice error and the transition can be traded off using our proposed method.