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Abstract #2629

ZOOM Imaging of the Human Brain at 7T

Christopher J. Wargo1, Malcolm J. Avison1, E. Brian Welch1,2, John C. Gore1

1Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science, Nashville, TN, USA; 2Philips Medical Systems, USA

The additional signal strength provided by ultra-high field MR systems can be used to increase image resolution at the cost of long scan durations. Often, only a specific anatomical region is of interest, but fold-over prevention necessitates imaging the entire FOV within the desired plane. Spectroscopic techniques such as STEAM, enable spectra to be obtained in targeted brain regions and can be adapted for focused imaging. In this abstract, we describe the use of STEAM to target anatomical regions using so-called reduced-FOV or ZOOM techniques, with performance demonstrated in excised monkey brain and an awake human subject at 7T.