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Abstract #2653

Dual Contrast 3D-TSE, T2w and FLAIR Imaging at 7.0 Tesla

Fredy Visser1,2, Jaco Zwanenburg3, Hans Hoogduin3, Peter Luijten3

1University Medical Centre Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands; 3UMC

Non selective 3D-TSE acquisition with advanced refocusing pulse angle sweep has become an important technique in neuro-radiology. It can resolve the problem of partial volume effects and inherent CSF-inflow artifacts in FLAIR. However, scan times are inherently long especially when both T2w and FLAIR are required for the clinical application. This study shows a 3D TSE sequence with high SENSE factor that produces a T2w as well as a FLAIR image in a single experiment at 7T.