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Abstract #2657

First Order Catalyzing of the Non-CPMG Sequence.

Patrick H. Le Roux1,2

1Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare, Palaiseau, France; 2SHFJ, CEA, Orsay, France

The non-CPMG sequence is a spin echo sequence that permits to obtain a full magnitude signal even in the presence of initial phase variation. It employs a quadratic phase modulation of the refocusing pulses in front of which one must include a train of stabilizing pulses to put the magnetization in an appropriate state. This catalysing period has been to date determined by optimization. We show that for nutation close to 180 (in a 160-200 range) the state towards which one must drive the magnetization, but also the series of pulses able to do so, can be derived analytically.