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Abstract #2693

Separation of Relaxation Time Constants Through Cylindrical Coordinates

Bahman Tahayori1,2, Leigh Andrea Johnston1,2, Kelvin J. Layton1,2, Peter Mark Farrell1,2, Iven M.Y. Mareels1,2

1Eelectrical and Electronic Engineering Department, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; 2National ICT Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A novel interpretation of magnetic resonance is provided by transferring the Bloch equations to the cylindrical coordinates. It is shown that in this new framework the differences between relaxation processes are easier to understand. From the dynamics of the MR signal in the cylindrical coordinates it is obvious that the two components of the T2* decay rate come from two different sources. It is expected that the new representation of the Bloch equation will allow researchers to revisit the pulse design question as well as finding optimal input to MRI systems.