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Abstract #2761

3D FLAIR at 7 Tesla Highlights Peripheral Layers of the Cortex

Jaco J.M. Zwanenburg1,2, Fredy Visser1,3, Taro Takahara1, Wim G.M. Spliet4, Peter R. Luijten1

1Dept. of Radiology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht; 3Philips Healthcare, Best, Netherlands; 4Dept. of Pathology, University Medical Center Utrecht

We observed that 3D FLAIR at 7T yields high signal in a layer different from the line of Gennari. This bright line is visible at the periphery of the cortex, and also around the ventricles, and is therefore consistent with the demyelinated layers I and II in the cortex and with the ependyma around the ventricles. The purpose of this work to describe this contrast in the FLAIR images and explore its anatomical origin.