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Abstract #2777

Coil Combination Method for Multiple-Echo Sequences and PSF Mapping

Kun Zhou1,2, Shanglian Bao1, Juergen Hennig2, Maxim Zaitsev2

1Beijing Key Lab of Medical Physics and Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China; 2Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Medical Physics, University Hospital Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

In this work a new method for coil combination is proposed, which is particularly suited for multi-echo, multi-reference or spectroscopic acquisitions, which intrinsically contain information on the temporal phase evolution. In this method, receiver coil phase can be estimated for each pixel and coil. Thereafter, data from individual coils are divided by the resulting phase correction maps and can be added to generate a composite complex-valued data set. The method has been tested using point spread function mapping data and it can be extended to other multi-echo MRI sequences and spectroscopic applications.