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Abstract #2786

Quantifying Changes in Geometric Distortion Across a Gradient Coil Replacement

Jonathan Samuel Jackson1, Daniel Tozer1, Mark Symms2, Claudia A. M. Wheeler-Kingshott1

1Department of Neuroinflammation, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK; 2Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK

To quantify the potential impact of a scheduled gradient coil replacement on longitudinal quantitative neuro-imaging studies, a 3D phantom with high spatial definition was scanned before and after the event. The change in geometric distortion was shown to be less than 0.3% over 98.5% of a typical brain volume and the impact on gray and white matter volumes less than 0.2%. This generic method uses a detailed 3D phantom and off-the-shelf non-linear registration.