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Abstract #2790

Application of K-Space Energy Spectrum Analysis for Inherent and Dynamic B0 Mapping and Deblurring in Spiral Imaging

Trong-Kha Truong1, Nan-kuei Chen1, Allen W. Song1

1Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

Spiral imaging is vulnerable to susceptibility-induced B0 inhomogeneities as well as temporal B0 variations due to subject motion, physiological noise, and system instabilities, resulting in image blurring. Here, we further develop and combine 1) a novel method termed k-space energy spectrum analysis, which can inherently and dynamically generate a full-resolution B0 map from the k-space data at each time point without requiring any additional data acquisition, and 2) a multi-channel modulation deblurring method, to effectively and efficiently correct for these artifacts and achieve a high spatial fidelity and temporal stability in spiral imaging.