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Abstract #2794

Evaluation of a Template-Based B1 Field Correction Approach for 3T MRI Brain Images

Marcelo Adrian Castro1, Jianhua Yao1, Christabel Lee1, Yuxi Pang1,2, Eva Baker1, John Butman1, David Thomasson1

1Radiology and Imaging Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA; 2Philips Healthcare, Cleveland, OH, USA

A method to correct B1 field inhomogeneity in brain MRI images from a template B1 map is presented and applied to five volunteers. T1 maps are computed from T1-weighted images without B1 correction, with the proper B1 correction (reference T1 map), and using B1 maps from other subjects. The quality of a given correction is characterized by the percentage of voxels having a difference less than 10% with respect to the reference map. The T1 maps significantly improved when compared to the non-corrected ones. For each case the best correction was comparable to the reference T1 map.