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Abstract #2833

Motion Compensated Reconstruction for Free Breathing Dynamic Constrast-Enhanced MRI

Marina Filipovic1,2, Pierre-Andr Vuissoz1,2, Michel Claudon1,3, Jacques Felblinger1,2

1IADI, Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France; 2INSERM-U947, Nancy, France; 3CHU-Nancy, Nancy, France

The presented method generalizes GRICS, a motion compensated reconstruction algorithm, in order to apply it to contrast-enhanced MRI. The mathematical representation of the true image has been replaced by a new model taking into account possible contrast changes induced by contrast agent concentration. Tested in a two-step contrast-enhancing experiment on healthy subjects, the method both corrects for motion artefacts and performs a good detection of local contrast change. This first step opens a path to auto-registered motion compensated reconstruction for DCE-MRI and for substraction imaging.