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Abstract #2839

Online Real-Time Reconstruction of Adaptive TSENSE with Commodity CPU / GPU Hardware

Sbastien Roujol1, Baudouin Dennis De Senneville1, Erkki Vahala2, Thomas Sangild Srensen3, Chrit Moonen1, Mario Ries1

1UMR 5231, CNRS/Universit Bordeaux 2, Laboratory for Molecular and Functional Imaging, Bordeaux, France; 2Philips Medical Systems, Vantaa, Finland; 3University of Aarhus, Department of Computer Science and Institute of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus, Denmark

A real-time reconstruction for adaptive TSENSE is presented that is optimized for MR-guidance of interventional procedures. The proposed method allows high frame-rate imaging with low image latencies, even when large coil arrays are employed and can be implemented on affordable commodity hardware.