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Abstract #2880

Validation of Fat Volume Quantification with IDEAL MRI

Abdullah Alabousi1, Salam Al-Attar2, Tisha R. Joy1,3, Robert A. Hegele1,3, Charles A. McKenzie3,4

1Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, Ontario, Canada; 2University of Ottawa School of Medicine, Ottawa, Ontario; 3The Robarts Research Institute, London, Ontario; 4Department of Medical Biophysics, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry , University of Western Ontario

We will be validating IDEAL (Iterative Decomposition of water and fat with Echo Asymmetry and Least-squares estimation), an MRI technique that allows images to be produced only from fat containing tissues. Four normal controls were recruited to validate IDEAL for fat volume measurements. IDEAL correlates strongly with our gold standard (1.5T imaging) except for visceral abdomi-nal fat measurements. The lower value of visceral fat volume given by IDEAL may reflect an improved ability to differentiate be-tween true visceral fat and other tissues, however, this will require evaluation of a larger number of subjects with a range of visceral fat mass.