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Abstract #2898

Assessing the Impact of Image Registration on Texture Analysis of MR Images

Henry Tran1,2, Roger Tam1,3, Anthony Traboulsee1,4, David Li1,3

1MS/MRI Research Group, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, BC, Canada; 3Radiology, UBC; 4Neurology, UBC

The study looks at the impact of image registration on texture analysis of MR images. Texture analysis is a technique used to detect subtle changes in MR image to elucidate certain pathologies that are too subtle to detect visually. Using MR images of patients with definite MS, image resampling was performed using the linear, Blackman and B-spline interpolation methods. The polar Stockwell transform was then computed for the MS lesion regions of the original and resampled images. The study found that the differences in the texture analysis values after resampling was significant enough to affect the texture analysis results.